Anatomy Test Part 1

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1) vertebral column

2) Which of the following is true regarding the femoral artery?


3) The following are branches of the posterior division of the internal iliac artery:

4) following artery may be injured while doing sacrospinous fixation

5) Which muscle of the lower limb is primarily responsible for knee extension?



6) Pelvic diameters

7) Vagina

8) The posterior border of the pelvic outlet

9) Which part of the endometrium is deep to the fetus and forms the maternal component of the placenta?

10) Which of the following dermatomes supplies the middle finger?

11) Into which of the following blood vessels does the left ovarian vein drain?

12) The obturator internus muscle

13) In the ovary:

14) The blood supply to the fallopian tubes


15) Which paired structures contain the uterine arteries and veins?

16) In the vulva:


17) Blood supply for ascending part of colon ?

18) Which one of the following options describes the lymph group to which the distal rectum drains?


19) Which one of the above does not pass through the superficial inguinal ring?

20) Which one of the following nerve roots mediates the abdominal reflex?


21) Blood supply to the medial part of the anterior abdominal wall below the umbilicus

22) Regarding the bony pelvic

23) The fetal skull:


24) Damage to this nerve root results in diminished knee jerk

25) The ureter:


26) Which of the following arteries supplies foregut derivatives of the digestive system?

27) The posterior fontanelle usually closes by what age?


28) Ovarian ligaments

29) Vagina

30) Following is the narrowest part of fallopian tube?


31) The urinary bladder

32) Forms the lateral wall of the ischio-rectal fossa

33) Which of the following structure, when dilated, produces caput medusa?

34) Posterior wall of the rectus sheath between the costal margin and the anteriorsuperior iliac spine

35) To which group of lymph nodes does lymph from the testis first pass?

36) The nerve supply to the uterus

37) The ovarian arteries:


38) Which nerve supplies the anterior two-third of labium majora?

39) The outmost portion of ovary is covered by

40) In renal vessels:


41) Which one of the above most accurately describes the Dentate line..?

42) The rectus sheath and its contents have the following:

43) The following are branches of the anterior division of the internal iliac artery:

44) Which one of the following dermatomal level corresponds to the innervation of the anus?

45) The thyroid gland

46) The diaphragm:


47) The uterus:


48) Which one of the following nerve roots mediates the anal reflex?




49) 5. Which nerve is identified by its position on the anterior surface of the psoas major muscle?


50) Somatic sensory innervation of the lower third of vagina


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