Test series:

  • Help assess knowledge and identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Aid in progress tracking and goal setting

One to one session:

  • One-to-one sessions can occur in various contexts, such as education, coaching, counseling, mentoring, or professional settings.

Video material:

  • Valuable revision tool
  • Allows reviewing of complex concepts and clarifying doubts
  • Enhances retention and comprehension

Mock tests:

  • Improve time management skills
  • Practice for exams with time constraints
  • Enhance performance during actual exams

Free guidance for the next part:

  • Provides information and resources about educational opportunities
  • Helps in understanding programs, courses, and institutions
  • Offers insights into admission requirements and scholarships

Study material:

  • Present diverse perspectives and insights on subjects
  • Encourage critical thinking and broaden understanding
  • Explore real-world applications and case studies

Summary :

  • Offers free participation in an activity or service
  • Allows exploration and experience without financial barriers
  • Helps individuals make informed decisions
  • Serves as a promotional tool for businesses and organizations.

Weekly session:

  • They allow individuals to sample the offering, assess its value, and make informed decisions.