Part 2

Module (MRCOG GOAL Part 2)

Early Pregnancy care


Maternal Medicine

Labour and Delivery

Post partum care

General Gynaecology

Sexual and Reproductive health




Surgery and postop

Clinical Governance

All You Need to Know About MRCOG Part 2

MRCOG Part 2 is a computer-based exam/test (CBT) which consist of SBA’s (Single Best Answers questions) & EMQ’s (Extended Matching Questions) Candidates needs to pass MRCOG Part 1 for appearing MRCOG part 2 exams. For the MRCOG part 2 exam there will be two papers

1. Paper 1-50 SBA & 50 EMQ

Duration of the exam – 180 Minutes (3 hr. 00Minutes) Break-Approx 1 Hour

2. Paper 2-50 SBA & 50 EMQ

Duration of the exam – 180 Minutes (3 hr. 00Minutes) Manage your time wisely spending or focus on more provision of time for EMQ’s than SBA.

Each paper counts for the same number of marks (.e. paper 1 counts for 50% of the overall mark, and paper 2 also counts for 50% of the overall mark). There is no minimum score required for each paper and the outcome is determined only by a candidates overall (combined) mark.

Part 2 MRCOG: exam calendar and fees

Tuesday 20 September 2022

Expression of interest opensFriday 6 May 2022
Expression of interest closes

Friday 1 July 2022
Booking window application opens

Thursday 21 July 2022
Booking window application closes

Monday 29 August 2022
Results released

Tuesday 18 October 2022


Orientation13th Feb
Subfertility20th Feb
Early Pregnancy Care
27th Feb
Urogyn 6th March
General Gynaecology20th March
Maternal Medicine27th March
Maternal Medicine3th April
Oncegy10th April
Labour and Delivery7th April
Post Partum Care24th April
Clinical Governance1st May
SRH8th May
SRH15th May
Surgery and postop22th May

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