Mini mock test 1-module part-1

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1) Maternal use of metronidazole whilst breastfeeding is associated with the infant displaying one of the following features. Stud



2) Which agent is a neurotransmitter used by the sympathetic preganglionic neuron?



3) Which of the following structures develop into the definitive kidney?,


4) Mrs. C, 18 yes old, presents with normal secondary sexual characters She says she has never got her periods but want to become pregnant Ultrasound shows absent uterus, her Karyotyping is end (( ) k


5) Which drug prevents the peripheral delodination of t Proxine?



6) Which agent is a selective alpha 2 agonist?



7) A primiparous 18-year-old woman presents to the maternity assessment unit at 39 weeks of gestation. Urinalysis reveals a proteinuria value of 3+.

The woman has a blood pressure of 170/110 and she is suffering from a headache. What antihypertensive would you use on MAU initially?


8) Which is the smallest chromosome?


9) Mrs., rosy A 20-year-old school teacher has come to see you in antenatal clinic. She is at 10 weeks of gestation in her first pregnancy.

Her partner is known to have glucose 6-phosphatase deficiency. She is otherwise fit and healthy.

She has been tested negative for the condition. What is the risk of her child being a carrier for the same condition?



10) In the treatment of hypertension which agent is a calcium antagonist?



11) Which of the following arteries supply the foregut derivatives?


12) A 22-year woman is seen on the postnatal ward round 2 days after normal delivery.

She is breastfeeding and wishes to discuss contraception as her pregnancy was unplanned.

She has a history of pelvic inflammatory disease. What is the most appropriate contraceptive in her case?



13) Which of the agents inhibit dihydrofolate reductase?

14) The Internal lining of the larynx originates from endoderm, but the and muscles originate from mesenchyme of the.


15) In counseling a woman about an alcohol binge she had at 6 weeks after her last menstrual period you explain that, with the exception of the brain, organogenesis is completed within how many weeks after her last period? OG



16) A 28-year-old primiparous woman is induced at 39+2 for raised BP and proteinuria. She progresses well to full dilatation, but after pushing for 2 hours there is no vertex visible. On examination, the head is felt to be OA, at +1 station. A decision is made for an Instrumental delivery, and the baby is delivered via assisted vaginal delivery in theatre. When the anterior shoulder is delivered, the midwife administers an intramuscular oxytocic agent to aid active management of the third stage of labour. What drug is the most appropriate in this case?

17) . You are counseling a couple about Infertility. In your discussion about conception, tubal disease, and implantation, you explain to them that implantation in the uterus occurs at which stage of development?


18) Which of these drugs undergoes cytochrome P450-dependent hydroxylation? Stud Study MRCO Study


19) Which medication may be used to reduce the symptom of stress Incontinence?

20) You have been asked to prescribe a combined oral contraceptive pill to a woman with acne and hirsutism.

She is known to have polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). What is the best available option?



21) .  With regard to the neuromuscular junction, what causes a reduction in the release of acetylcholine?


22) .A 40-year-old woman is noted to have an elevation of alphafetoprotein. Which is the most likely pathology diagnosed by ultrasound scan?



23) . How can the mechanism of action of ranitidine best be described?



24) Warfarin disrupts the formation of vitamin K-dependent clotting factor. What are the vitamin K-dependent clotting factors?


25) A 15-year-old girl visits her GP requesting a method of contraception. When taking her history, you discover a personal history of thromboembolic events. She has had three sexual partners in 5 months. She also complains of dysmenorrhea. What type of contraception would you recommend?

26) . What cells in the spermatogenesis process can undergo mitotic division?



27) The canal of Nuck is associated with what? Stucks



28) . A woman is 8 weeks pregnant attends genetic counselling. She is known

to be a carrier for cystic fibrosis, ber sibling has a child with cystic fibrosis

The carrier rate for cystic fibrosis in the general population is 1/25. What

the risk of the child with CF7?


29) A 27-year-old female developed insulin dependent diabetes Her uncle and grandmother also had diabetes mellitus. What i likely mode of inheritance for her condition?



30) Alpha methyl dopa is a commonly used antihypertensive in pregnancy. The following is true about this drug



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