Mini Mock Test 1-module Part 2

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1) Misoprostol is a commonly used drug in the medical management of miscarriage. What type of drug ismisoprostol?


2) Which of the following is the most related to endometrial carcinoma?


3) Which type of epithelium lines the lower urethra near the external urethral orifice? ( sept.2014 )


4) You are seeing a Somalian woman in her fi rst pregnancy at 24 weeks of gestation. She has migrated to UK 5 years back with her husband. You are worried about the possibility of female genital mutilation. What would be an appropriate approach to this case?

5) A 17-year-old girl attends the gynaecology outpatient with complaints of irregular periods. She migrated to the UK with her family a year back and gives history suggestive of female genital mutilation (FGM). As a doctor practising in the UK, which of the following is an appropriate action for you as a gynaecologist?

6) 28 years old primigravida at 37 weeks of gestation came to ER with SROM , you noticed she had FGM type 3 , vaginal examination pass only 1 finger , her CTG is normal and she has no labour pain , what would be the most appropriate management ?

7) A woman attends the antenatal clinic at 36 weeks of gestation. It is her first baby and she wants to know if she will have an episiotomy and what are the potential benefits. Compared with second degree tear, what is the benefit of mediolateral episiotomy?

8) which organ/system involved with krukenberg tumor of the ovary?


9) A 15-year-old girl is seen in the paediatric gynaecology clinic due to persistent vaginal discharge. Examination reveals the following: Partial removal of the clitoris and the prepuce is noted. The hymen is intact. The possibility of female genital mutilation (FGM) is raised. What type of FGM is this?

10) You are the specialist registrar covering the labour ward. A 23-year-old patient had a history of female gennal mutilation with a deinfibulation at 25 weeks' gestation. You have just been informed that she is now insistlng that you reinfibulate her because otherwise she will not be accepted back into her society. What action will you take?

11) MRI provides high contrast between different

12) All the following are correct on the ruptured uterus except:

13) A 13 year old attends the Accident & Emergency department with bleeding, pain and urinary retention following a recent FGM.which vaccine would you advice the patient to receive?

14) 34 yrs old with FGM has delivered vaginally, giving birth to a healthy baby boy. There was a tear at FGM scar tissue without bleeding. The woman requested to re-suture? With the meaning of restoring original infibulated shape) the most appropriate action. Options:

15) A woman presents to delivery suite in active labour at 40 weeks of gestation. She mentions that she had an elective caesarean section with her last child for breech presentation. The cardiotocograph is normal for 40 minutes, followed by fetal bradycardia. What clinical feature is most likely to be present in uterine rupture?

16) Which of the following is true?

17) Which of the following dugs is a strong inducer of cytochrome P450?


18) Which of the following will show hypertrophy:


19) 17 years old lady presented to gynae ER with incomplete miscarriage , on examination she has mild pain but bleeding has settled , you noticed that she has fgm with infibulation , what would be your action ?

20) a lady presented with her 12 years old daughter complaining from menorrhagia that started after receiving some treatment , she mentioned that she is leaving for short vacation to one of the countries where fgm practice is common , she was asking if its safe to travel with her daughter , while you was taking your consultant advice you found our she has left , what should you do ?


Explanation FGM is illegal unless it is a surgical operation on a girl or woman irrespective of her age:
a. Which is necessary for her physical or mental health.

b. She is in any stage of labour, or has just given birth, for purposes connected with the labour or birth.
It is illegal to arrange, or assist in arranging, for a UK national or UK resident to be taken overseas for the purpose of FGM.
It is an offence for those with parental responsibility to fail to protect a girl from the risk of FGM.
If FGM is confirmed in a girl under 18 years of age (either on examination or because the patient or parent says it has been done), reporting to the police is mandatory, and this must be within 1 month of confirmation
Which of The following are obstetric complications associated with female genital mutilation:


36 years Old from Caribbean origin , she c/o of recurrent UTI while taking her sexual history she said she was never involved in a sexual relation before as she feels like that something blocking her from down below ! and this is making her fell (less of a women) ! she was very anxious during examination, there was a Type 2 FGM noticed while no introitus narrowing . otherwise her examination normal , investigations came back with no abnormality detected .
infection rolled out . Next step in management?


A 22- year- old Sudanese is seen for booking in the antenatal clinic at 12 weeks. She is a primigravida and an ultrasound scan revealed a singleton pregnancy appropriate for gestation. She has history of female genital mutilation (FGM) and examination reveals Type II FGM.
What would be the he most appropriate management?


A 30-year-old woman presents to the antenatal clinic at 36 weeks of gestation. She had a previous vaginal delivery that was complicated by grade 3a perineal tear, which was repaired under spinal anaesthesia. She is asymptomatic and follow-up anorectal studies revealed no sphincter defects. She is concerned that she will sustain a further anal sphincter injury if she attempts a vaginal birth for delivery of this baby.
How will you counsel her about the risks of delivery in her current pregnancy?

25) a lady who as type 1 fgm currently pregnant in her 2nd trimester , she is requesting cs because she is worried of the sight of bld and make her recall the fgm incident , what would be your action ?

26) A 17-year-old girl attends the gynaecology outpatient with complaints of irregular periods. She migrated to the UK with her family a year back and gives history suggestive of female genital mutilation (FGM). As a doctor practising in the UK, which of the following is an appropriate action for you as a gynaecologist?

27) What is the most common site for tubal ectopic gestation? ( march 2015 )

28) patient asks you in clinic when she can start trying to conceive again. She has just completed chemotherapy for gestational trophoblastic disease (GTD)?



You are called to see a woman to assess her perineum after a normal delivery. You diagnose a fourth degree perineal tear.
How will you repair the internal anal sphincter (IAS)?

30) . Which two HPV types are found in 70% of cervical cancers and are targeted in HPV vaccines?


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