Mini mock test 2-Module part-1

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1) Which hormone is responsible for contraction of myoepithelial cells in lactation?


2) .To perform an elective lower segment caesarean section, the obstetrician

makes a transverse suprapubic incision. Which of the following abdominal wall

layers will not be encountered transected during this incision?


3) What percentage of testosterone is unbound (free) in men?

4) What's the patters of Inheritance?


5) Which of the following is recognized cause of hirsutism?


6) A 30-year-old woman presents to the antenatal clinic with a history of cytomegalovirus

(CMV) infection. Which test would be the most sensitive for diagnosis of congenital

infection in pregnancy?


7) Patients with the following condition present with primary amenorrhea:


8) Oestrogens are excreted by


9) Which of the following hormones are stimulated by somatostatin?

10) Prolactin is structurally similar to which of the following hormones?

11) In Sheehan syndrome, changes that take place include the following EXCEPT :


12) you see a 42 year old woman in clinic who mentions  she has been sweating and has frequent headaches. In examination you note her blood pressure is 195/105 and pulse rate is 110 . You suspect pheochromocytoma . Which of the following condition is not associated with higher risk of pheochromocytoma??

13) Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (HCG) is structurally similar to which of the following hormones?

14) Which one is not a recognized effect of oestrogen?


15) .Secondary amenorrhoea is most commonly associated with:


16) .Is not a uterine cause of amenorrhea ??


17) MRSA respond to all except


18) .What is the first stage of development in tanner staging?


19) Which one is a recognized physiological effect of oestrogen?


20) Which of the following clinical features are not suggestive of PID?


21) Which one is not a recognized effect of oestrogen?


22) you are asked to review a pt with known adrenal insufficiency. Which of the following causes of adrenal insuffieciency would you not expect hyperpigmentation to be a clinical feature of ??

23) Recognized feature of Sheehan syndrome :


24) which of the following is true of nephrogenic diabetes incipidius ??

25) Lady in labour 5cm dilated vertex on 0 station cervix fully effaced. After time labour progress with 4-5 uterine contraction/ 10 min without fetal head descent..


26) A 32-year-old woman is being continuously monitored during labour using a cardiotocograph (CTG).

She has had one previous caesarean section for breech presentation at term.

She is currently 40 weeks’ gestation and in spontaneous labour.  e baseline of the CTG is 115 beats per minute.

Regarding CTG analysis, what is the accepted range for the baseline rate?


27) Which of the following is a branch of the posterior division of the internal iliac artery?


28) A syndrome of amnenorrhea-glactorrhea developing postpartum is :


29) A 22-year-old primiparous woman books her pregnancy at 11 weeks’ gestation. Her booking blood tests reveal a haemoglobin level of 10.1 g/dL. Electrophoresis reveals haemoglobin karyotype HbAS.

What is the diagnosis?


30) what percentage of pregnancies are affected by hypothyroidism( including subclininocal hypothyroidism)??


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