Mock Test-3-Module part-1

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The part of the pelvis lying above the linea ter-minalis has little effect on a woman’s ability to
deliver a baby vaginally. What is the name of this portion of the pelvis?

2) Which of the following statement is true regarding human chromosomes?

3) Which of the following statement is true about evidence-based medicine?

Poor wound healing, impaired spermatogenesis, diarrhoea, dermatitis, alopecia are the
features of which mineral deficiency



. A couple are both known to carry the trait for a haemoglobinopathy. They decline any
invasive testing when they conceive their first pregnancy.At an anomaly scan at 20 weeks’
gestation the fetus is found to have severe hydrops. In utero death occurs at 22 weeks'
gestation.What is the most likely cause of the fetal demise?


During an operation, a midline incision was made at an anatomic location 2 cm below the
Which of the following lists (in order) the layers of the anterior abdominal wall as they would be
incised or separated?

7) Which of the following is the leading cause of Down Syndrome?

8) Mechanism of action of Ulipristal acetate.

9) Sympathetic drive to the heart is increased in which of the following conditions?

10) .Which of the following causes Kernicterus?


. A 27-year-old woman has a cervical smear result which shows ‘borderline’
changes.Which cells line the ectocervix?

12) Which of the following is true concerning 1,25-(OH)2D3 (vitamin D)?


A patient presents approximately 10 years post-menopausal with complaints of pressure
vaginally and the sensation that something is falling out. When told she has a fallen uterus, she
wonders if it is due to the damage from her round ligaments since she had a great deal of round
ligament pain during her pregnancies. Which of the following ligaments provide the most
support to the uterus in terms of preventing prolapse?

14) In an ECG which lead reflects the inferior wall of heart ?

15) Which of the following organs does not respond to oestrogens?

16) . Under aerobic condition all respiratory substance end in :


A 32-year-old primiparous woman suffers a massive antepartum haemorrhage and
undergoes an emergency caesarean section. During the caesarean section she suffers a
massive obstetric haemorrhage requiring transfusion of blood and clotting factors. As a result
of these events, she develops disseminated intravascular coagulopathy.
Which of the following laboratory results would be expected in this condition?

18) Which of the following regions of nephron does the water leave via diffusion?

19) Which of the following is true regarding Down syndrome?

20) Each turn of kreb`s cycle produce ATP:


A patient develops a neurologic disease that destroys components of S2, S3, S4 bilaterally.
What clinical manifestation would you expect the patient to have as a result?

22) The mineral which has synergistic action with vitamin E is



A neoplasm of the female genital tract occurring in an 18 year old girl whose mother was
treated with Diethylstilbesterol during pregnancy is likely to be


A 26 year old patient sustains a 3b perineal tear following delivery of her 1st baby. Following
repair she asks you about her prognosis. What is the chance she will be asymptomatic in 12
months time?

25) Which of the following organs is derived from ectodermal neural crest cells?

26) Which of the following may reduce anticoagulant action of Warfarin?


A 19-year-old woman with a complaint of never having had menses comes to your office.
Physical examination shows that she is 1.37 m tall and weighs 94 lb. She lacks breast and
pubic hair development.
There is webbing of her neck and cubitus valgus. Which of the following would be the simplest, yet most useful, initial test to begin her

28) .In which part of the cell does glycolysis take place?

29) What is the nerve root of the ilioinguinal nerve?


A 32-year-old woman undergoes an emergency caesarean section for failure to progress at
9 cm cervical dilatation. Which of the following correctly describes the pelvic shape which has
an anteroposterior diameter of the inlet, greater than the transverse diameter?

31) Use of Lithium in pregnancy is associated with which abnormality in the fetus?

32) .Atosiban is

33) The enzyme in red blood cells which buffers blood CO2 is?

34) Deficiency of following vitamin deficiency cause megaloblastic anemia:


A 33 year old women with known stage III cervical cancer presents to A&E with lower
abdominal and unilateral flank pain. From the following list what is the likely diagnosis?


. A nulliparous woman presents with spontaneous rupture of membranes at 41 weeks of
gestation. At 18:00h, her cervical dilatation is 3 cm. A further vaginal examination at 22:00h
reveals that her cervical dilatation is still 3 cm. At 02:10h, the fetus is in the occipitoposterior
position and uterine activity is present. What is the most appropriate action?

37) Increase in number of cells in tissues is called

38) Which of the following clotting factors remain unchanged in normal pregnancy?

39) Presence of vaginal septa is not associated with which of the following?

40) How is MAP calculated ?

41) Which is the right pair?


A 33-year-old lady, who is 38 weeks pregnant, presents to her general practitioner with a 4-
week history of pain and paraesthesia over the upper outer aspect of her right thigh. There is
no restriction of movements in her hips or knees and her gait is normal. Which is the most likely
nerve, which is affected in this case?


A 55-year-old woman presents to the clinic enquiring about the use of hormone replacement
therapy (HRT). She had a hysterectomy 8 years ago for fibroids. She has no contraindications
or other past medical history, except a strong family history of osteoporosis. Her main
symptoms are hot flushes and vaginal dryness. What would be your first treatment option?

44) Mechanism of action of clomiphene citrate is

45) Which artery supplies the structures derived from the foregut of the embryo?

46) Deficiency of following vitamin deficiency cause paraesthesia:

47) Co-factor for the free radical scavenging enzyme glutathione peroxidase is



Which of the following substances occur in lower
concentration in foetal blood in comparison to the
maternal blood?


A 70 years old lady,presented to her GP with c/o progressive abdominal distension
,shortness of breath & decreased appetite.Also there was h/o weight loss. The GP referred
her to the oncology department & ordered Ca-125 levels,which turned out to be 500u/ml.What
is the most likely diagnosis in this case?

50) What is the uterine corpus mainly composed of?

51) Respiratory system changes in pregnancy are

52) Deficiency of following vitamin deficiency cause dermatitis enteritis :

53) What is the main site of iron absorption?


A 72-year-old woman undergoes a total abdominal hysterectomy. She has chronic
obstructive pulmonary disease. Postoperatively, she is difficult to extubate and has a prolonged
stay on the intensive care unit. Which of the following is the most important direct stimulus to respiration?


For OAB ,a new drug called Mirabegron is used.Which is the single mechanism of action for
this drug.

56) Which of the following is not true regarding 1,25(OH)2 vitamin D?

57) Why is oxytocin not used orally?

58) Contraindication for the use of Oxybutynin is

59) In order to take part in Kreb`s cycle pyruvate must be converted into:

60) Which of the following structures pass under the inguinal ligament?

61) One of the following is a pathological change in pregnancy.

62) Which antihypertensive causes depression in post natal period?


A healthy 5 ft 6 in. tall, adult female is most likely to have a pelvic inlet that would be
classified as which of the following Caldwell-Moloy types?

64) Wound healing by secondary intention takes place


. A 39-year-old multiparous woman is 13 weeks pregnant. She has serum screening as part of
the combined test.Analysis shows an elevated level of α-fetoprotein and a normal level of
pregnancy-associated plasma protein A.What diagnosis are the screening results suggestive of?

66) Type of collagen found in basement membranes is


You review a 28 year old patient in the fertility clinic. She has a diagnosis of PCOS. She has
been trying to conceive for 2 years. Her BMI is 26 kg/m2. She is a non‐smoker. She has been
taking Clomiphene and metformin for the past 6 months. What is the next most appropriate


Whilst examining the abdomen of a 21-year-old female with abdominal pain you notice a
well-defined “six-pack”. Which muscle is this?

69) . Regarding haemoglobin which of the following is true?


Which of the following organs is derived from the
ectodermal neural crest cells?

71) Which of the following occurs during the isometric ventricular contraction?

72) What happens in Horners syndrome?


Which of following vitamin act as antioxidant and its deficiency cause mild hemolytic anemia
in newborn

74) .Night blindness is caused deficiency of:


A 26-year-old female presents with right iliac fossa pain and is taken to theatre for an
appendectomy. An incision is made through the skin and onto muscle with fibres passing
inferiorly in an oblique direction. Which muscle is cut in this scenario?

76) Which of the following is the best description of the pelvic diaphragm?

77) Which of the following is true about the smooth muscle cells?


You are counseling a 16-year-old G1P0 girl and her 16-year-old boyfriend. Two weeks ago
they received a quad screen result with a 1:50 risk for Down syndrome. She has noninformative
family history and medical history. You begin counseling by explaining that the number of chromosomes in a fetus is how many?


A couple presents to your office during the ninth week of pregnancy. Their previous child
was diagnosed ith trisomy 18, so they are extremely anxious and would like prenatal diagnosis
as early as possible.
They have many questions about chorionic villus sampling (CVS).
A mother with blood group AB has an AB child. She would like to establish paternity through
blood typing. Which blood type excludes a male from being the potential biologic father?

80) Which of the following is correct regarding vitamin B12?


a team wishes to audit their departmental results on the use of anticoagulation in patients
with obstetric thromboembolic disease. What is the most appropriate next step to be taken up
by the team who is undertaking audit in this case?


A 17-year-old woman presents to the sexual health clinic with vulval ulceration and difficulty
in passing urine. She is sexually active and has had unprotected intercourse with her new
boyfriend. She takes the combined oral contraceptive pill. What is the most likely diagnosis?

83) . Which tissue is not capable of regeneration?

84) Regarding the blood supply of anterior abdominal wall, which is not true?

85) .If choriocarcinoma metastasizes ,it spreads predominantly by which route?

86) Normal clotting of blood requires


A 63-year-old man in the surgical ward is complaining of numbness over the anterior thigh
and medial aspect of his right leg. He is unable to extend his right knee and the knee jerk is
reduced. He had undergone a femoral aneurysm repair 3 days ago.
Which is the most probable nerve damaged in this case?

88) Renal changes in pregnancy are all except

89) XX karyotype is associated with which of the condition?

90) . Cell membrane primarily composed of:


The anatomy of the spinal cord and dural space is important when giving regional spinal
anesthesia.At what approximate spinal level do the dural space and the spinal cord, respectively, end?

92) Which of the following is not a physiological change in pregnancy?

93) . Which of the following is the site of production of the hormone insulin?


From which of the following is the nerve supply to
the vulva derived?

95) Which of the following is a branch of the femoral artery?

96) Which of the following is true regarding the human rectum?

97) . Which of the following is not a known side effect of Tranexamic acid?

98) .Features of DIC are all ,except


During delivery of a first twin, a very tight nuchal cord is reduced from the baby’s neck by
clamping and dividing it. After this, the second twin (as yet unborn) develops severe fetal
distress. Of the following, what is the most likely mechanism for the distress in the second twin?


When performing a hysterectomy, the surgeon should be aware that at its closest position to
the cervix, the ureter is normally separated from the cervix by which of the following distances?

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