SBA Mock Test 2 (Part 1)

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1) Which substance removed from proinsulin to release insulin into the circulation?

2) . Which of the following most accurately describes the mode of action of letrozole?

3) What is the embryonic origin of the trigone of urinary bladder?

4) When should the prophylactic dose of low molecular weight heparin (LMWH) be stopped before regional analgesia?

5) Which is non-ergot dopamine agonist drug used to treat hyperprolactinemia?

6) What histology constitutes the majority of vulvar cancers?

7) What percentage triiodothyronin (T3) is free?

8) The vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) is best characterized as

9) . How many days does it take from the resting follicle stage to ovulation?

10) Choriocarcinoma is a malignant form of gestational trophoblastic disease. When Choriocarcinoma metastasises, it has a propensity for which type of spread?

11) Whenever the intestinal midgut loop fails to return from the umbilical cord into the abdominal cavity, the defect is known as which of the following?

12) Where does fatty acid synthesis occur within the cell?

13) Which nerve or nerve plexus provided sensory innervation to the cervix?

14) Which antigen-presenting cells (APCs) are mainly found in the cervix?

15) A 19-year old G2 P1 woman has an amniocentesis performed at 18 weeks gestation. Fibroblasts recovered from amniocentesis are grown in culture to assess the karyotype of fetal cells. These cells are subcultured for additional experimental work, but the culture is lost after 50 doublings of the cells has occurred, and the fibroblasts no longer grow. Which of the following factors affecting these cells is most likely demonstrated by this phenomenon?

16) A 40-year-old woman had bilateral silicone breast implants placed two years ago. Since that time, she has noted increased firmness with slight deformity of the breast on the left. The implants are removed, and there is evidence for leakage of the implant contents on the left. Which of the following cell types is most likely to be most characteristic of the inflammatory response in this situation?


A 32-year-old woman has increasing white vaginal discharge. She is 7 weeks pregnant. Her Chlamydia swab is positive. All other tests are normal.
Which is the single most appropriate treatment?

18) The most common site of endometriosis is

19) A 16-year-old girl is diagnosed with transverse vaginal septum. The most likely embryological mechanism responsible for this anomaly is

20) Which screening test has high negative predictive value for detection of preterm pre-labour rupture of the membranes?

21) Suxamethonium does not readily cross the placenta because of


A 36-year-old woman underwent a total abdominal hysterectomy for uterine fibroids. Postoperatively she complains of loss of flexion of her left hip and
numbness over her left anterior and medial thigh. The compression of which nerve is likely to be responsible?

23) Which of the following eicosanoids are mainly increased before menstruation?

24) Which one of the following best describes the histological type of endometrium soon after ovulation?

25) Which class of immunoglobulin is mainly activate the classical complement system?

26) In which circumstance is rhesus immunisation NOT required in a rhesusnegative mother?

27) Misoprostol is a commonly used drug in the medical treatment of miscarriage. What type of drug is misoprostol?


A 19-year-old extremely anxious parturient requests labor epidural analgesia. During epidural placement, cerebrospinal fluid obtained in the needle catheter.
Which along spinal cord dose the needle traverse obtaining CSF leakage from the needle catheter?

29) Which of the following is the most active form of vitamin D?

30) A 49-year-old female asks about the benefits and risks of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to control the effects of menopause. The use of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) will decreases the risk of which cancer?

31) What is the mechanism of action of labetalol ?

32) What sexually transmitted disease (STD) is caused by Haemophilus ducreyi?

33) The typical effective dose for abdominal CT scan is

34) What is the most common congenital solid tumour of the newborn?

35) Sample size 30, variance 25 and standard error of mean 3 What is the data set's Standard deviation?

36) What is the contrast dye used in MRI scans?

37) Which one of the following congenital infections is most characteristically associated with fetal hydrops?

38) Which immunoglobulin class has a pentameric structure and is unable to cross the placenta?

39) What is the smallest human chromosome?

40) Which antiemetic drug can cause uncontrolled muscle movements?

41) Vertical transmission of HIV infection mostly occurs


A 26-year-old pregnant woman is found to have an Hb of 11 g/dL on a routine blood test , with an MCV of 70. Serum electrophoresis reveals an Hb F of 0.5
percent, Hb A1 of 60 percent, Hb A2 of 2 percent and Hb S of 40 percent. Her ferritin leve ls are normal. The most likely diagnosis is:


Oxybutynin hydrochloride is a non-selective muscarinic receptor antagonist used to treat bladder overactivity. Which of the following diseases are aggravated
by use of oxybutynin?

44) What drug can be given to reverse myelosuppression in methotrexate toxicity?

45) Metabolic abnormality seen in congenital hypertrophic pyloric stenosis is


28-year-old Asian woman G2P2 at 26 weeks gestation. Her BMI is 36 kg/m2 Glucose tolerance test report (75 g load) are as follows:
Fasting serum glucose : 4.7 mmol/l
2-hour serum glucose : 7.4 mmol/l
What is the diagnosis?

47) Which one of the following stages of the cell cycle is cell prepared for DNA synthesis?

48) The standard for conventional cytogenetic analysis of human chromosomes is

49) A structure found within the adult female pelvis formed from the gubernaculums is the

50) In the fetal circulation, which structure bypasses the liver, carrying oxygenated blood directly into the inferior vena cava?

51) Physiological variation of the menstrual cycle between 21-35 days due to

52) LH peak precedes ovulation by

53) The epithelial lining of the cervix exterior to transformation zone is which of the following tissue types?

54) What is the most abundant carbohydrate in the breast milk?

55) Where in the kidney is the majority of bicarbonate reabsorbed?

56) Which of the following structure, when dilated, produces caput medusa?

57) Midazolam is an effective anxiolytic drug, used for preoperative sedation. Which receptor is responsible for its action?

58) Patient has a heavy menstrual bleeding. She desires an endometrial ablation to stop bleeding after failure of medical treatment. Which part of the uterus is destructed to stop bleeding?

59) The posterior fontanelle usually closes by what age?

60) Which of the following is commonly used to determine hormone receptor expression 'receptor status' of the breast cancer?

61) While performing laparoscopy, the lateral umbilical folds can be seen on the anterior abdominal wall in the adult. This structure contains :

62) The probability of sarcomatous change occurring in fibroid is

63) Which one of the following tocolytic drug is a competitive oxytocin receptor antagonist ?

64) 9. The most likely karyotype for a patient with complete hydatidiform mole is

65) Which artery supplies the distal portion of round ligament of the uterus?

66) What is the most common type of episiotomy performed in the United kingdom (UK)?

67) Which cytokines are secreted by virally infected host cells and Stimulates uninfected neighbouring cells to synthesize antiviral proteins?

68) Which nerve arises from ventral rami of lumbar plexus and emerges from the medial border of psoas major muscle?

69) Frequency of current used in electrosurgery unit is

70) Which of the following hormones increases the excretion of calcium in Kidney?

71) Which of the following is a circulatory blood cell that is capable of differentiation into plasma cells?

72) The greater omentum is derived from which of the following embryonic structures?

73) Which class of immunoglobulin is primary secreted in breast milk and protects the infant's intestinal mucosa from infection?

74) Which one of the following stages of the cell cycle is preceded by mitosis?


A sexually active 18-year-old woman presents with a fever for the past 24 hours and lower abdominal pain and anorexia for the past 5 days. On physical
examination, there is generalized tenderness of the abdomen and the cervix appears slightly friable with motion tenderness. A smear of yellow odorless
cervical discharge shows gram negative intracellular diplococci and scant neutrophils. What is the most likely causative organism?

76) What part of the embryo is the origin of primordial germ cells?

77) Which ovarian tumor is associated with Meig's syndrome?

78) An inherited metabolic disorder called phenylketonuria (PKU) can result in serious problems in infancy. Via which pattern of inheritance is the PKU?

79) A patient presents with condyloma lata. At what stage of syphilis does this feature occur?

80) Mifepristone is a drug used in medical termination of pregnancy. What is the mifepristone mode of action?

81) A neoplasm of the female genital tract occurring in an 18-year-old girl whose mother was treated with diethylstilbestrol during the pregnancy is likely to be a:

82) What type of joint is formed at the sacroiliac joint?

83) What type of compound is Histones?

84) Monopolar diathermy cause coagulation effect with sparkling to stop the bleeding vessels by Which of the following procedures?

85) What is represented by the equation Sensitivity/(1-specificity)?


A 27-year-old woman after normal vaginal birth develops shortness of birth and seizures. Despite resuscitation she dies within 20 minutes. At autopsy
squamous cells and fetal hair are found in lungs. What is the most likely cause of death?

87) Nifedipine belongs to which class of drugs?

88) Forest plot: horizontal lines represent

89) 16-year-old has recently become sexually active. She complains of intensely irritating greenish frothy vaginal discharge. The organism is seen under microscope in a drop of saline and PH is 6. What is the most likely causative organism?

90) Peak maternal serum hCG concentrations occur at

91) 23-year-old woman presents with fishy foul smelling vaginal odour. 'Clue cells' are found in the smear. Which of the following cell types is belong to 'Clue cells'?

92) Which enzyme in the renal tubular cells are responsible for production of ammonia?

93) What is the pathophysiology explain that vitamin A can cause birth defects of the child during pregnancy?

94) Which of the following structures separates the superficial perineal pouch from the deep perineal pouch?

95) Ovarian reserve is a term that is used to determine the capacity of the ovary to provide egg cells that are capable of fertilization. Determination of ovarian reserve is important in the treatment of infertility. Test for ovarian reserve

96) Insensible loss of water from skin and lungs in 70 year old healthy woman is

97) What is the most common site for tubal ectopic gestation?


A 33-year-old woman with an intrauterine contraceptive device develops symptoms of acute salpingitis. On laparoscopy, sulfur granules appear at the
fimbria of the tubes. Which of the following is the most likely organism?

99) Which one of the following bacteria produces an exotoxin causing 'toxic shock syndrome' associated with tampon usage?

100) A 19-year-old woman gives birth to her first child. She begins breast feeding the infant. She continues breast feeding for almost a year with no difficulties and no complications. Which of the following cellular processes that occurred in the breast during pregnancy allowed her to nurse the infant for this period of time?

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