SBA Test Mock Test 1 (Part 1)

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1) Teratogenic virus

2) Which test is used to diagnose hemolytic anaemia in a Newborn?

3) Plasma volume

4) Chromosomes are constricted with centromere in middle in

5) BRCA1 ,is associated with

6) Which is not an eicosanoid

7) Androgen Insensitivity Syndrime is associated with

8) Which study will provide the best evidence for a diagnostic test

9) First line antibiotic regimen used in Septic shock

10) During which one of the following stages of the cell cycle does mitosis proceeds

11) HPV responsible for cervical cancer

12) Nerve supply to anterior 1/3rd of labeium majus

13) Anti – diuretic harmone is prodused by

14) Main circulating estrogen during pregnancy

15) Aldosterone is synthetised in

16) T. pallidum perteue causes

17) Ribs and vertebral develop from

18) Oxygen requirement in preg

19) Which cells in the body are dependant on anaerobic respiration

20) Premature closure of ductus arteriousus by

21) Amniotic fluid osmolarity

22) Coagulation factors reduced in pregnancy

23) The origin of psoas major muscle

24) Likelihood ratio

25) G6 PD deficiency is

26) Karyotype X O

27) T. pallidum endemicum causes

28) ‘P’ value significant when

29) Marfan’s syndrome

30) What proportion of CMV infection is asymptomatic in immune- competent patient?

31) Cystic fibrosis is associated with

32) What lies anteriar to ascending colon ?

33) Ductus venosus is closed in

34) Maternal serum HCG conc. Peaks at

35) Hemophilia B IS Caused by

36) Which bacteria are Gram-Negative Aerobic rods?

37) Complement protein which is a product og all 3 activation pathways

38) Stroke volume in preg

39) If statistical test is negative , the Likelihood that patient will be healthy

40) Cystic fibrosis is inherited as

41) Haemophilia

42) Total lung capacity in pregnancy is

43) Robertsonian translocation is when

44) Water soluble vitamin with anti oxidant effect

45) Which agent inhibits Dihydrofolate reductase?

46) What is the most common heritable thrombophilia?

47) Target levels of HbA1C in preganancy in a woman with Diabetes.

48) Women with phenyl ketonuria in preganancy

49) Normal plasma range

50) Which one of these is purine

51) Glycolysis takes place in

52) What is the normal axisof the heart?

53) Roberstonian translocation can happen in

54) You wish to investigate the time it takes to perform a caesarean section on woman with or without pre-eclampsia.At end of study you have 2 groups with the duration of LSCS recorded for each. It can’t be assumed thatthese are normally distributed. Which non-parametric statistic test would you use?

55) Biochemical technique usedto detect the DNA

56) First step to be done if a case of shoulder dystocia is observed?

57) Von Willebrand disease is

58) 25 years old pregnant woman is found to have Hb of 102 gl on a routine blood test with MCV 80FL.Serum electrophoresis reveals an HbF of 5% ,HbA1 OF 80%, HbA2 OF 15% ,HbS of 0 % .Her ferritin levels are normal.Most likely diagnosis is

59) Patau syndrome is associated with


16 Years old woman present with secondary amenorrhoea.She is healthy,with no past
medical history.Her BMI IS 17.Most appropriate initial investigation

61) Di George syndrome

62) Most Comman cause of hyperprolactinaema?

63) Bulb of Vestibule is homologus to              in male.

64) 28 weeks pregnant patient withBMI 40.Vitamin that should be prescribed?

65) Prader willi Syndrome

66) T – test is

67) First line treatment for Endometrial Hyperplasia without atypia

68) Mitochondrial DNA is

69) Vitamin Acts as Co – enzyme in rate limiting step in hemoglobin synthesis

70) CART reduces risk pf transmission of HIV to

71) Enzyme which corrects androstenedione to estradiol

72) Diarrhoea causes

73) Chromosomes arrange themselves on equatorial plate in which phase of cell division

74) How many turnsdoes the midgut go through in its embroyological formation?

75) The precursor for prostaglandin synthesis

76) Gonads develop from which cell layer.

77) Natural killer cells belong to

78) Phenyl ketonuria inheritance

79) Trisomy 13 is associatrd with

80) In monopolar diathermy,which feature prevent electrocution?

81) Canal of Nuck is associated with

82) Which of the following is NIT a branch of anteriar division of Internal iliac artery

83) A 18 yr old boy presents with primary infertility. He is relatively tall for his family with mild gynaecomastia and soft ,small testicles. Potential genetic cause?

84) 25 pregnant woman were sampled during the Antenatal period,looking at the number of episodes of vimitting.It was from population of 3500.The episodes of vomiting per patient was 30,with standard deriation of 10.what is standard error of mean?(SEM)

85) Chicken pox is cause by

86) Artery that is mostly injured in Trans-vaginal tape procedure

87) Deep circumflex iliac artery is abranch of

88) Sister Chromatides separate in

89) Lymphatic dranage of uterus is primarily to

90) Anti – epileptic drug to be avoidedin reproductive age groupe women

91) Iron absorption is enhanced by

92) Which test in most sensitive in detecting PID ?

93) The most common site of uterine perforation?

94) Recommended time interval for insertion of LNG-IUS following delivery ?

95) In starvation,which keton bodies can be used as energy supply to brain

96) Which hormone has structure similar to growth harmone?

97) Size of resting follicle

98) Point which has half the value above & half below

99) Cross – sectional study involves

100) Cardiac output is calculated by

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