MRCOG part 1 information

How much does the MRCOG part 1 cost?

This depends on which country you are in. For UK RCCOG members the MRCOG Part 1 costs £508 to sit. For members in Band A countries the cost is £613, Band B countries £528 and Band C countries £421. To find out your country band click on the link below

MRCOG Country Bands

What is the pass rate for the MRCOG Part 1?

There is no pre-determined mark for passing the MRCOG part 1. This varies from exam to exam. In terms of the percentage of candidates that pass approximately 1 in 3 will pass the exam at each sitting

What is the format of the MRCOG Part 1?

The MRCOG part 1 consists of two papers. Each paper comprises 100 SBA format questions making a total of 200 SBA questions over the two papers. Candidates have 2.5 hours to sit each paper making the exam 5 hours long in total. There is a 1 hour lunch break typically between papers. The scores are added together to give one mark i.e. candidtes do not need to pass each paper individually

What is the subject weighting for the MRCOG Part 1?

The subjects covered over the two papers and the typical percentage marks associated with them are shown in the pie charts below

MRCOG part 1 examination subject pie chart paper 1
MRCOG part 1 examination subject pie chart paper 2

Where can i get more information on the MRCOG part 1?

For venue details, candidate instructions and more further information take a look at the RCOG website.