Overview of MRCOG

MRCOG exam is designed to test the skills, knowledge and clinical behavior of doctors specialising in obstetrics and gynaecology. 

The exam is of three parts. Successful completion of all three parts of exam is required for a membership to be awarded. 

Please visit the links to read more about each exam part and how to apply.

MRCOG Part 1

A written examination to evaluate the candidate’s understanding of the relevant basic and clinical sciences.

It explores the 15 core Knowledge Areas in four domains of understanding. 

i. Understanding Cell Function

ii. Understanding Human Structure

iii. Understanding Measurement and Manipulation

iv. Understanding Illness 

 This exam is assessed using single best answer (SBA) questions. 

MRCOG Part 2                 

A written examination for assessing the application of knowledge. It examines the 15 core Knowledge Areas in 4 domains of understanding that are key to safe and appropriate clinical practice in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. 

i. Diagnosis

ii. Investigations

iii. Management

iv. Epidemiology

It uses both SBA and extended matching questions (EMQ).


A clinical assessment that evaluates the candidate’s ability to demonstrate core clinical skills in the context of the skills, knowledge, attitudes and competences in all five skill domains. 

The 15 core Knowledge Areas are examined in 14 assessed tasks in an examination circuit. 

The tasks will have simulated patients or colleague. Examiner may also play a consultant for discussion about a case or project. 

Each task will assess up to four of the core skill domains. 

i. Patient Safety 

ii. Communication: with patients and families or with colleagues 

iii. Information gathering 

iv. Applied clinical knowledge 

To appear for MRCOG Part 3 exam, candidate must have completed and passed the Part 2 and also had Assessment of Training (AoT) approved.

AoT applications can be submitted at any time, candidate does not need to wait for Part 2 result before applying.

Read more details about each part here